What We Do

Behaviour Modification


What is a Behaviour Modification and management program?

Behaviour modification is a procedure where the dog's established and unwanted behaviours are modified to either extinguish or achieve a level that is considered manageable by the owner. Sometimes a learnt behaviour cannot be modified and must be just managed.

What does it involve?

Behaviour modification involves replacing unwanted behaviours with acceptable behaviour. This can be achieved through counter-conditioning and shaping the new behaviour, and desensitising the dog to the fear, stress and anxiety being felt when exposed to the trigger that causes the reaction.

How can we help?

The starting point would be to book a consultation, where we learn about the history behind the behaviour, how, why and when it started. During the course of the consultation, we will be observing the dog's behaviour in the environment, which can be your home or if suitable our training field. Through discussion with the owner, we analyse the reasons behind the unwanted behaviour(s) and then develop a behaviour modification programme. We offer full support during this process and can be easily connected to analyse videos or answer any specific questions.

Helping with:

  • Reactivate behaviour towards dogs and people.
  • Reactivate behaviour towards bikes, cars, and other fast movements.
  • Running away from the owner, active avoidance
  • Separation anxiety
  • Resource guarding
  • Paying attention when on lead
  • Barking at home



1-2-1 Sessions are available for Behaviour Modification.