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    Dog Walking Reviews

    Lou Lou Bear

    Omnidogs have been walking my dog for a couple of years and he absolutely loves it. The minute he hears the van arrive he runs to the door. He comes back exhausted but would happily go straight back out with his furry friends again!!

    Emma Roper

    I have been using Omnidogs for a couple of years and really couldn't be without them. Andy and Sarah are an amazing team and they have a truly special bond with my dog. I completely trust them and so does my dog too and he loves his time out in the field with them. Thank you Omnidogs for all of your care and effort.

    Abigail Jones

    We have been using Omnidogs services since we got our rescue 3 years ago, they are so knowledgeable and have always helped us with advice and training from attending their standard puppy classes to receiving tailored advice and support for lead training and reactive behaviour.

    Dexter goes on walks every week and it is clear to see how much he enjoys them and adores the caring team that looks after him so well! They even post photos and videos of the dogs on their walk which is lovely to see.

    We never feel nervous about Dexter going with the team at Omnidogs as we know he is in such good hands.

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    Agility Training Reviews

    Ellie Sherriffs

    I have trained agility with Omnidogs for a number of years and wouldn't go anywhere else. Sarah has so much knowledge and understanding of dogs. I got my second dog as a rescue who had some issues, Sarah has helped us work through these with foundation training and then progressing on to agility (group & 121) which both my dogs absolutely love. Sarah has a true love for her job and that shines through in all Omnidogs does. Thank you Omnidogs for helping us progress to Grade 6 and for SO much fun along the way.

    Theresa Staddon

    We take our two dogs to Sarah for one-to-one Agility training. They thoroughly enjoy it and Sarah is brilliant at helping us humans get the best out of them. A good physical and mental workout for them as well as us! Completely recommend.

    Georgia Tattersall

    Sarah is very friendly and very patient with my 2-year-old black Labrador called Brooke we had our second agility lesson today the lessons are fun and enjoyable and Brooke loves it when we have our lessons. Highly recommended.

    Marie Burton

    We took Sirius to Omnidogs for puppy training, and we now go for agility classes. He absolutely loves it. Sarah is a great trainer, and the classes really help engage his brain and you can see he’s trying to work it all out. It’s often me that needs more training than Sirius, but Sarah is very patient with helping me to help Sirius!

    Sirius is rally taking to agility and if I can ever keep up with him hopefully he can compete one day. But even if he doesn’t we would keep going as it’s lots of fun for him!

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    Puppy Training Reviews

    Karen Gibbs

    Sarah and her team have helped so much with our border collie, I joined a 6-week puppy class to learn the basics with our rescue puppy, Sarah has a lifetime of knowledge with all types of dogs, and our puppy has taken a lot away from his sessions. When I had to return to work after furlough I needed a trustworthy, reliable dog walking service so Lucky has been going off with Sarah’s team weekly, he is collected and returned with no worry from myself. He hears the van before it’s even outside the house, waiting patiently to be collected, it means I can go to work knowing he’s in good hands. I highly recommended Omnidogs for all your dog needs.

    Kirstie Bigwood

    We have just completed 6 weeks of puppy classes with our puppy Fergus. Sarah has been fabulous (I’m quite sure that the owners need more training than the puppies), she has really helped build confidence in both the puppies and owners.

    She has been patient and listens to any concerns or particular training needs for all participants. We would highly recommend Omnidogs and are looking forward to the next 6 weeks of obedience classes

    Lucy Bates

    Have loved coming to Omidogs Puppy training class and then followed on with the obedience training afterwards. Been a brilliant 12 weeks, will be back to the hooper class and foundation agility soon! Thank you Ella.

    Sarah Groves

    I would highly recommend Omnidogs for all your dogs needs. We have attended the puppy and foundation classes and Rachel has worked wonders in the hydrotherapy pool curing my dog of his water fear. He attends the dog walking group regularly which he absolutely loves and Sarah and Andy are so reliable and flexible.

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    Hoopers Reviews

    Lucy Bates

    Have loved coming to Omnidogs Puppy training class and then followed on with the obedience training afterwards. Been a brilliant 12 weeks, will be back to the hooper class and foundation agility soon!
    Thank you Ella

    Wendy Ashcroft

    I've been going to hoopers for a couple of months with my unconfident/sometimes reactive Doberman Zuri. Ella makes the classes fun while learning lots of useful tips. The classes have been really good in building not only my confidence but Zuri's too.

    Vicky Thompson

    Was looking for something to do with a 5-month-old puppy that was more than just obedience when we came across Hoopers, so glad we did, we have learnt so much and had great fun doing so. It's surprising how fast the class moved on from one or two hoops to whole circuits. Ella keeps the sessions fun and is always on hand to help get the best out of your dog. Would highly recommend this class.

    Peter Mizuro

    Both Millie and I thoroughly enjoyed attending hoopers classes. The atmosphere was relaxed with everyone moving at there own pace, the group was well managed with every dog treated as an individual. We had lots of fun and they made a massive difference in preparing for agility classes.

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    1-2-1 Training Reviews

    Bex Hogan

    I cannot recommend Omnidogs enough! Without them, I'm not sure I would have survived the first year with my spaniel! Both their dog walking service and the 121 training sessions have been invaluable to me, and my pup is always so happy to see Sarah and Andy. We're loving dipping our toes/paws into agility now too!

    Emma Lloyd

    I could not recommend Sarah enough. Her knowledge of dogs is outstanding and she comes up with practical solutions to training needs. My three year old Ridgeback loves the 121 Agility lessons, and my puppy Bruce is always looked after well on the pack walks ( and comes back tired!) I have also learnt so much on the training classes Sarah has run. Five stars for Sarah and team.

    Karen Clarke

    It was lovely to find 1-2-1 training outside and during the lockdown. I had reached a certain point with training my lab puppy on my own but needed help, particularly with regard to travelling in the car. Ginny is the first dog I have owned since childhood and it was reassuring to be told that I had been doing the right things with her.

    I gained so much confidence from the patient training and it was wonderful the first time she jumped into the car of her own accord. I couldn't have managed this without Cameron’s encouragement. We are trying puppy agility which is great fun but it is great to know that if we need ’revision’ of basic training Sarah is more than happy to do this instead of agility.

    Everyone is so flexible and it is clear that they all love dogs and the dog's health and welfare come first. I love that training instructions are clear and I feel much more confident, I just need to learn how to run to keep up with my speedy dog. I have recommended Omnidogs to many of my friends and will continue to do so (as long as there is still space for us!)

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    Home Visits, Mentoring & Behaviour Reviews

    Tracey Bush

    Sarah is an extremely patient and passionate trainer. My human-loving 1yr old collie is high drive with some reactiveness in certain situations, which Sarah has been helping me to correct. My pooch has made excellent progress and in time, I hope to bring her to agility classes.

    Yas Farah

    I have been training with Sarah for a number of weeks now and she has instilled confidence in both myself and Mollie my 6-year-old adopted Lhasapoo. Everything that Sarah has shown me in her dog training sessions has worked successfully with Mollie, who used to be reactive and insecure around other dogs, still has a way to go to become a ‘model citizen’ but with Sarah’s advice, she’s getting there.

    Sarah is professional, and friendly and really puts her all into training. Would definitely recommend her to anyone. A first-class trainer who has a great understanding of both dogs and their handlers.

    Lesley Mcewan

    I highly recommend Omnidogs. Sarah helped me with my car chasing border collie with 1-2-1 lessons and we then joined an obedience course. The course was informative and fun and Sarah is very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Omnidogs if you’re looking for a friendly and knowledgeable trainer.

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    Hydrotherapy Reviews

    Anne Richens

    Rachel is amazing with my dog. swimming has helped him get over muscle damage and his chiropractor says she has never seen him in such good condition.

    Denisse Gerena

    Our husky had a TPLO surgery and had a difficult recovery time. After he started hydrotherapy, he became more confident and playful and the veterinarian noticed a progress in his recovery. Rachel is very professional and very careful with the dogs. My dogs is back to his usual very happy self and loves spending time with Rachel (some times he gives her kisses.

    Gale Booth

    We had an amazing first swim with OMNIDOGS, Woody our Cavapoo ,was in very capable hands and clearly enjoyed his swim and shower . What a great facility for pets.

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    Obedience Training Reviews

    Jennie Klein

    Can’t recommend Sarah and Omnidogs enough. My 16-month-old Rhodesian Ridgeback had become a little dog reactive since hitting teenage years and was worried that it would become a big problem. Sarah’s obedience class was fun, she put us at ease instantly and I came home feeling positive and not like I was failing my dog.

    Beau is much better behaved out and seems to love agility so can’t wait to start the next chapter with Sarah and the team.

    Andy Cheffins

    Incredible, it's just a year ago, and Elwood still remembers his training from Sarah at Omnidogs. He does "stay" really well and returns and sits, but he just will not run through an agility tunnel. Still love him to bits

    If you love what we do here at Omnidogs feel free to leave us a review on Facebook.