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Training your dog at home is essential if your dog’s problematic behaviour has developed within the home environment. Some owners just prefer us to come to them for basic training and life skills. This could be due to time restraints, mobility issues, or means to travel to our training field.

Behaviour problems within the home can be due to the relationship between dog and owner and the reaction of the owner towards their dog, sometimes rewarding the exact behaviour they are trying to extinguish. During a home visit, we can see the relationship and interaction between dog and owner and suggest ways of rectifying any behaviour problems.

Behaviours that are typical to the home environment and only occur when the dog is in the house or garden may include:

  • Jumping up at visitors and/or owners
  • Reactivate behaviour towards visitors by barking or growling
  • Finding it hard to settle and demanding attention
  • Barking excessively in the home or garden
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Soiling in the house - once through the initial puppy stage.
  • Separation anxiety: The dog becomes stressed when you leave the house or room
    Resource Guarding - growling when you approach if food, toys, or other items are involved

A home consultation will last one to two hours. Followed by a commitment to engage with the individual behaviour modification programme, which will take place over the following weeks or months. During this time, you will have our full support if required.

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