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Puppies are adventurous, they will get into trouble and go exploring around your home and garden. Therefore, creating a safe place is essential to avoid unexpected accidents which could result in an emergency trip to your vet, and all the unnecessary stress that you will feel as your puppy's carer.

These simple tips will help:

- Remove toxic plants
- Shoes
- Mobile phones
- TV remote
- Try to keep your home tidy and clutter free


Look around your home and see if there are any things puppy can jump up and pull, tablecloths etc
Remove any precious furniture, that would make you feel upset if damaged from puppy chewing.


Fence of any ponds or dangerous steep steps outside and inside block access to stairs.


Check all fencing and gates and any other boundaries puppy could climb through or go under.


Puppies will chew cables, so remove, block access or secure. The same with any toxic products within your home and garden.