Introducing your Puppy to Hydrotherapy

Puppy swims are a great way to gently and safely introduce your puppy into the water. The pool is warm, safe and sanitised and you puppy will be accompanied by a qualified hydrotherapist at all times, whilst wearing appropriately fitting harnesses.

Swimming in the Hydrotherapy Pool in St Ives is a great form of exercise for puppies as it is non weight bearing and helps their muscles to build strength. It can also be used to maintain weight without putting extra stress on the developing joints! Not to mention it’s extremely tiring!

What happens at your first puppy swimming lesson?

The puppies are fitted with a well fitted harness and encouraged to walk into the water via the ramps or they will be carried (and given treats!). The puppies are then taught to swim short durations back to the ramp to build confidence by the hydrotherapist, who is in the water the whole time!

Puppy sessions are 30 minutes long but this also includes a post swim rinse where you are more than welcome to bring your own shampoos!

Puppies need to be a minimum of 16 weeks old to participate and we encourage owners to complete 6 sessions to make sure their puppies are super confident swimmers.

We have sessions available in the day and some evenings so please get in touch if you’d like a session!

Written by Rachel Bunce

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