Omnidogs - Fabulous Focus

Fabulous Focus Workshop (08/06/2024)


This is an exclusive workshop with Milly Ball where we will look at ways in which you can improve the relationship between you and your dog.

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Saturday 8th June 2024
11am – 1pm
Only 6 Places Available
with Milly Ball


Are you struggling with your relationship with your dog?

Not coming back when called, pulling on the lead, jumping up etc. If so, this workshop is ideal for you and your best friend. Training and playing with your dog will improve your relationship and help to prevent problematic behaviours developing. Start your journey now to Fabulous Focus!

What’s involved?
  • Toy Play for Focus
  • Introduction of the toy
  • Developing play
  • Releasing the toy
  • Returning the toy
  • Food for Focus
  • Finding the motivator
  • The mechanics
  • Food to toy swap
  • Praise for Focus

+ How to use verbal and physical praise.

*This course will be held outside at Equestrian Centre on Moats Way, Hemingford Abbots PE28 9HH. We will notify you we need to move this class indoors due to inclement weather)