Dog Training

Puppy Group and Obedience Group sessions and 1-2-1’s are held in our field at St, Ives Cambridgeshire.

During Summer we hold group sessions on weekday evenings. In Winter sessions are daytime at the weekends. In addition to group sessions we also offer 1-2-1 training with day time and evening sessions always available.

Puppy Group is a six week course payable in advance. Puppies can come along once fully vaccinated and the vet has given approval, this is usually at around 12 weeks.

Obedience Group is for older dogs and puppies graduating from puppy class with sessions payable weekly. Training includes sits, downs, recall, waits, stays, toy play, circle work, reward structure and reinforcement criteria.

If you are interested in joining agility classes with your dog (from 12 months old) we would recommend that you come along to Puppy Group or Obedience Group first where we cover a lot of the non-equipment based foundation skills (flat work) that will give you and your dog a good foundation for agility training.

To find out more please contact us:
Tel 01354 677840

Frequently Asked Questions

Many dog owners ask similar questions when considering dog obedience training. We have answered most of them here.

Puppy Training

How old does my puppy have to be to attend class?

We take puppies into our group classes once fully vaccinated, and your vet has given permission for your puppy to be out and about.

How long is the course?

Six Weeks, payable on week one.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring lots of small treats/kibble, a tug toy or toy your puppy enjoys playing with, and have your puppy on a normal lead not flexi.

What do you cover in puppy class?

Sit, down, recall, stay, toy play, reward structure, reinforcement criteria and socialisation skills.

Obedience Classes

Do I pay for a block or weekly?

Classes are paid weekly.

We have a rescue dog, can he/she come to class?

Yes, we have helped a lot of rescue dogs to become wonderful companions and pets.

I can only make it to class every other week is this a problem?

No, you will be set homework, and as long a you practice these skills in between classes you will still learn and improve.


If you have any other questions that are not answered here then please feel free to call us or send your question using our contact page form.