Congratulations To Rachel & Fresh – 2nd Place at DINAS Finals 2017

Well Done Rachel & Fresh who today came 2nd in The Dogs In Need Agility Show Grade 3 Final

Running in the penultimate position after achieving amazing results in the four qualifying rounds this week, 2 x second places and a 3rd.

This is an amazing result for this new partnership, Fresh hasn’t been the easiest dog to train, having confidence issues with the weaves, seesaw and tyre. But Rachel’s relentless patience and understanding is paying off and Fresh continues to grow in confidence, great future ahead.

DINAS 2017 Rachel Bunce & Fresh

Rachel Bunce & Fresh at Dog In Need Agility Show Finals 2017

DINAS 2017 Runners Up

Rachel Bunce & Fresh Runners Up Dogs In Need Agility Show Finals 2017