Cameron Receives His Advanced Canine Diploma

We have some great news here at Omnidogs we wanted to share with you.

Omnidogs are proud to announce that Cameron Bunce was recently awarded with an Advanced Canine Diploma. This follows on from the exciting news we released just two weeks ago when Rachel was recognised by NARCH.

Cameron said “This is great news for my own professional development as well as benefiting our clients at Omnidogs” he added “This diploma will now give me a great opportunity to provide even more services to Omnidogs and will help us to grow

Cameron also outlined some of the key elements and what he has learned whilst studying for his Diploma:

  • Learning the difference between how dogs learn, and how dogs behave.
  • Achieving a greater understanding of both dog training and dog psychology.
  • Examining the most recent studies and debates in the world of dog behaviour and training, and encouraged to formulate their own opinion based on experience and research.
  • Gaining a better understanding of key subjects such as: socialisation, communication, the origins of the dog and evolution.
  • A better understanding of the importance of the role of the owner, human moods, temperament, personality, morality and their effects on the dog.
  • The ability to recognise key body language, gestures and signals of the dog.
  • Being able to diagnose classic behavioural problems and formulate detailed solutions, calling on both dog training, dog psychology and human psychology.
  • Obtaining a greater understanding of what is required for a dog to be happy, healthy, well behaved, and mentally balanced. In essence, what it truly is to be a good dog owner.
  • Understanding of the daily running of a dog behaviour practice including time management, the law, health and safety, marketing, insurance, code of conduct, record keeping and referrals.
  • Being able to perform a real life consultation with clients and their dog, evaluate, diagnose, and implement solutions and techniques both relevant and suitable to the dog and owner.

If you are keen to speak with Cameron to see how he can help you and your dog, please contact us here.